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03 August 2015

Plant "SKS" - the Russian manufacturer of compressors in the city of Krasnodar.

SKS produces piston compressors and spare parts, and offers services in capital repairs.

This is organized service centers and spare parts warehouses in various parts of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.

In June-August 2015 SKS has implemented a multi-stage production and supply of spare parts to our customer in Perm.

A major overhaul of reciprocating compressors:

SKS VM,5 14-9

SKS 2VP 10-9

SKS VM 15-25.

IMG 1698

IMG 1706

One of our main features is the combination of technological innovation and years of experience. Yes, we took all that is best in the market of compressors.

Thus we work only with domestic raw materials and produce the engines, and also components according to the system of a full cycle. And that means doing everything - from creating the raw material to the finished product.

SKS – Russian manufacturer!


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