OOO «Modernn Compressot Technologies» (ООО «СКС») – producer of technologies in compression and gas separation.


OOO «СКС» was established in 2011, on base of commercial company which supplies compressor equipment and spare parts since 2007.


ООО «СКС» is science technical center and constructor’s department Krasnodar (South of Russia).The manufacturing zones is situated in Moscow, Saint-Peterburg, Ufa, Cheliabinsk, Krasnodar.



We provides the most advantageous decisions in sphere of compressor equipment and gas separation stations for our customers.OOO «СКС» can provide following services: design, projecting, manufacturing and also guaranteed and post-guaranteed service of our equipment.


ООО «СКС» is manufacturer of:



- piston compressor plants on bases 2П, 5П, 7П, М2,5, М4, М10 and spare parts for them according to technical terms ТУ №3643-002-91149601-2014, declaration of conformance ТС N RU Д-RU.АУ14.В.05400



- nitrogen and oxygen stations; on chassis; on trailer; moduled; low, medium and high pressures, based on technical terms ТУ №3643-001-91149601-2014, declaration of conformance ТС N RU Д-RU.АУ14.В.05397.



Our service:

- guaranteed and post-guaranteed service;

- repairs of compressors (any difficulty);

- rent of nitrogen and air stations.



Manufacturing of spare parts:

Casting manufacturing



Assemblying manufacturing



ООО «СКС» has all necessary equipment, technical base and qualitative staff for serial manufacturing of piston compressors, nitrogen and oxygen stations.All our production is passed through technical control (conformance to drawings, norms and standards).



ООО «СКС» provide guaranties on quality of supplying production and fulfillment of all contract liabilities.



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